Proof of Virtue on Web 3

Proof of Virtue on Web 3

Humans are flawed. Humans are also self-aware.

One of our flaws is a natural desire to appear virtuous by other hairless monkeys.

The internet today, known as Web 2.0, has enabled every one of us the ability to shout with a megaphone about anything we desire.

Mix in a pinch of self-interest with this tech, and you have endless virtue signaling on your hands.

Virtuous actions can be great, even when underlined with self-interest, but the barrier to entry for APPEARING virtuous is non-existent.

Web 2.0 is a black hole that will gladly accept any image, content, slur, fact, claim, opinion, or Harry Potter quiz you throw at it.

With the introduction of Blockchain and the ability to create immutable records, many developers are now Pondering () a Web 3.0 sequel, not only rooted in a decentralized model but created from a framework that puts PROOF ahead of CLAIMS.

Meaning, there may be a way to apply a quantifiable weight to content and claims that will give some information more credence than others.

I can feel eyebrows raising as this could be construed as limiting free speech, but that is not the intent.

What I am saying is, right now, there is no way to filter claims or motives for virtuous actions.

  • Is it virtuous if a corporation donates $50k to a charity but receives a tax break?
  • Does it affect the gesture if a billionaire donates money to build a library but receives positive press?
  • Does the message ring hollow if someone tweets, "factory farming has to stop!" while eating a cheeseburger at McDonald's?

The point is everyone has beliefs and their own morality, but no one has to put their money where their mouth is on the internet.

What if when you made a claim, you could give it more weight because your actions were verifiable?

Vice versa, what if you made a claim but couldn't substantiate it with action, so instead of elevating your image, you diminish it by choosing to only shout into the black hole?

The incentive structure emphasizes action over a claim which could reduce the amount of virtue signaling and place a premium on proof.

A world where Web 3.0 enables Proof of Virtue might be a step in the right direction that society needs. Put up or Shut up, not by force but by the nature that there is now a quantifiable measurement to validate and prove your claim.

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