Crypto Improvements Leveraging AI

Crypto Improvements Leveraging AI

If you've got the coding chops and find AI intriguing, I've got some ideas for you: 

  • Predictive market analysis for trading and investment decisions.
  • Detecting and preventing fraud in cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Automated portfolio management for crypto investors.
  • AI-powered decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).
  • Personalized investment advice based on financial situation and goals.
  • Track and trace the flow of stolen funds reported on the blockchain.
  • Identify market manipulation and the source.
  • AI-powered cryptocurrency index funds.

Let's be honest, 97% of the developers will attempt to use AI to create a price prediction algorithm or market sentiment trading bot. But many other areas will greatly benefit from AI improvements that I hope receive focus.

1/ Wallet Security and Self-Custody - Many crypto investors feel better about keeping their crypto on exchanges instead of withdrawing their holdings to a hardware wallet. We need to get more people comfortable with the process, and AI could be used to hold people's hands, ensuring they don't trip along the way.

2/ Transaction Errors - If you've ever sent a large amount of crypto anywhere, you know the lump-in-your-throat feeling you get, waiting for the transaction to complete hoping you put in the correct address.

It would be great if AI were there as a buffer to catch transaction oversights for us before we make them. This would ease people and reduce the number of stomach ulcers we have from the stress of the transaction process.

3/ Smart Contract Quality Control - Smart contracts have the potential to revolutionize the way we conduct business by removing intermediaries and enabling automated, self-executing transactions. However, the quality control of smart contracts is crucial to ensure their reliability and security. This is where AI comes in. I would love to see an AI bot kick the tires on every smart contract and find loopholes before they accidentally lock millions of funds or send funds to the wrong blockchain.

Don't be scared of AI. Where we fall short, it will thrive.

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