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Crypto Improvements Leveraging AI

Feb 01, 2023

OpenAI had just beefed up the toolbelt of every developer. The question on everybody's mind is, how can we use AI to improve upon "X"? In this post, we cover some interesting ideas on how the entire crypto space could be improved by leveraging AI capabilities.

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Raise the Roof!

Feb 01, 2023

The debt ceiling, a frequent ritual in the world of government finance, has become a never-ending cycle of raise and repeat. As the government approaches its borrowing limit yet again, it's time to take a step back and ask a fundamental question - why do we have to raise the debt ceiling constantly? The answer, as it turns out, is a mix of absurdity and paradox. In this post, we examine the history of the debt ceiling and the reasons behind its constant increase. From political posturing to lack of fiscal discipline, we explore the root causes of this bizarre and unsustainable situation.

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Bitcoin as Legal Tender in Arizona

Jan 26, 2023

A bill to make Bitcoin legal tender has been submitted a second time for Arizona. If approved, the legal precedent could have federal implications in the United States for both transactions AND capital gains treatment for the digital asset.

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