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Bitcoin as Legal Tender in Arizona

Jan 26, 2023

A bill to make Bitcoin legal tender has been submitted a second time for Arizona. If approved, the legal precedent could have federal implications in the United States for both transactions AND capital gains treatment for the digital asset.

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Proof of Virtue on Web 3

Jan 25, 2023

The internet as we know it, i.e. Web 2.0, has enabled a continuous stream of virtue signaling. People showing they can talk the talk without proving they also walk the walk. What if Web 3.0 fixed that through Proof of Virtue? 

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Take Advantage of Volatility

Jan 19, 2023

If there is one thing both crypto bulls and bears can agree on, it's that the crypto markets are Volatile! Every day up and down, down and up the prices go. You need a double dose of Dramamine just to study the charts let alone take a trading position. Volatility may seem bad, but if you're looking to trade, volatility really means opportunity.

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